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Hickory Smoked Duck Breast with Blueberry Demi Glaze

Ingredients Directions

2 brined-5 oz duck breast
Brine- 2 qt warm water with ½ c kosher salt, ½ c sugar, 1 tbsp pepper and 2 bay leaves. Dissolve salt and sugar then add 4 cups ice.

1 ½ c hickory chips

Demi Glaze
1 tbsp butter, melted, add
1 tbsp shallots, sauté, then add the rest of ingredients-
2 tbsp demi glaze base (Minors brand)
¾ c water
¼ dried blueberries

Score duck breast in a crosshatch pattern about ¼ inch deep on the fat side of the duck breast. Brine overnight. Drain, pat dry.
Soak hickory chips in water 10 min. drain, place to 1 side of a half size foil pan (11x9). In a skillet sear duck- fat side down- until golden brown. Place in the foil pan fat side up- opposite side of chips. Cover pan with foil and place over medium heat on stovetop, heat under the chips. Smoke duck about 10 minutes or 135 degrees internal temperature. Remove from heat, let rest uncovered.
Slice duck and serve with sauce.

Nutritional Information Servings 2
Calories per serving  
Total Fat 
     Saturated Fat 
Total Carbohydrates 
     Dietary Fiber 

280 kcal


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